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Research profile: Since 1993 my research activities focused on: 1. Body image phenomenology in mental illnesses, two new projects currently in planning stage; 2. Evaluation of Body psychotherapy for severe mental illness; two projects currently under way 3. Evaluation of other innovative treatments: e.g.Ego-Consolidation Module for acute psychosis; 4. Transcultural  variety of ego-psychopathology  in schizophrenia; 5. Self harm and service provision.                                                                       

With several publications and through ongoing research activities I am currently one of the leading researchers in the international field of Body Image Phenomenology and Body Psychotherapy in Mental Illness; my book publication on body-psychotherapy (2000) is the first textbook covering the innovative field of body-oriented psychotherapy in psychiatry. Subsequently, I developed and evaluated treatment manuals for novel psycho-therapeutic intervention strategies in anorexia nervosa and somatoform disorders and for patients suffering from chronic schizophrenia with marked and dominating negative symptoms. This approach is now recognized by NICE/UK as treatment of choice for negative symptoms in schizophrenia (NICE schizophrenia update, March 2009)  Another novel psychological intervention strategy has been developed by myself in cooperation with Prof. Scharfetter (Switzerland) and is evaluated for treatment of acute schizophrenia patients. Other projects: Transcultural variety of ego-pathology; neuropsychological base of cenesthopathic schizophrenia, Self-harm and long-term outcomes.                                                                         

International and national research collaboration (1995 to date):      
Cooperation with Professor Stefan Priebe (up to1997 Free University of Berlin, since then Chair Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry at Bart’s/Queen Mary University of London, WHO collaboration site): projects involving research on body image phenomenology, evaluation of body psychotherapy,importance of religious and spiritual beliefs for pathology in psychosis and also service development/evaluation (e.g. Day Hospital)    
Cooperation with Professor Christian Scharfetter, University Clinic of Psychiatry, Zürich / Switzerland: Projects involving novel psychological intervention strategy in schizophrenia (ego-consolidation modules); prevalence of ego-psychopathology
Professor Peter Joraschky, Head of Department of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, University of Dresden / Germany and Professor Peter Henningsen, Head of Department of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, University of Munich / Germany; PD Dr Claas Lahmann : multi-centre-trial,evaluating manualised body psychotherapy in somatoform disorders    
Professor Thomas Loew, Head of Department of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, University of Regensburg: body image phenomenology and BPT (reviews)    
Professor Hedda Lausberg, Head of Department of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, University of Cologne: project on movement analysis and non-verbal interaction in psychosis   
Professor David Winter, University of Hertfordshire: Processes in body oriented psychological therapy for schizophrenia (Repertory-Grid analysis)   
Professor Jürgen Seewald and Professor Ulfried Geuter, University of Marburg / Germany: Qualitative research methods in psychotherapy research                                                                                                                                              Professor Richard Bentall, University of Liverpool & Professor Giovanni Stanghellini, University of Chieti/Italy: Abnormal bodily sensations and disturbed self-experiences in the at-risk and prodromal stages of psychosis 
Professor Renos Papadopoulos (CPS, University of Essex): Fostering resilience, social inclusion and prevention of health problems amongst refugees
Professor Shaun Gallagher (USA) and Professor Daniel Hutto (Australia): Embodiment and Enactivism, application in the context of body psychotherapy        
Research Grants:     
- Randomised controlled trial on body psychotherapy in schizophrenia patients with negative symptoms: Terpsichore Trust: £7.500 (2007)    
- Multi-Centre pilot trial for the evaluation of manulised body psychotherapy in somatoform disorders: German Association of Body Psychotherapy: €30.000 (Lead applicant, 2008)    
- Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Body Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia – A multi-centre randomised controlled trial, NESS: £ 1.4 million (Co-applicant, 2010)    
- Body psychotherapy in chronic depression: German Association of Body Psychotherapy: €10.000 (Lead applicant,2010)                                                                                                                                                  - NIHR Resesarch for Patient Benefit and SHINE Trust: re “Innovative engagement and treatment programme for patients with medically unexplained symptoms in Primar Care”: £75000 (lead applicant, pilot will start in Sept 2014)

Grants currently applied for:
1. NIHR Resesarch for Patient Benefit re “Mindfulness meditation using a smart-phone application for women with chronic pelvic pain”

2. NIHR Resesarch for Patient Benefit re “The role of negative affect in the pathogenesis and maintenance of delusional beliefs: implications for management and treatment of those at high risk for violence”



Reviewer activities:     
Conducting peer reviews for several journals including (amongst others) “Journal of Mental Health”, “ISRN Psychiatry “ and other Hindawi online journals, “Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy”, “The Psychiatrist”, European Psychiatry”, “Comprehensive Psychiatry”, “Psychiatric Bulletin/Psychiatrist", American Psychology Association,  “European Psychology”, "Body Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy”, “Cyprus Health”, “Frontiers in Cognition”, “Zeitschrift für Gesundheitspsychologie”. 

Member of International Advisory Board of International Body Psychotherapy Journal and Cyprus Health Journal

Peer reviews for research grants (e.g. Raine Medical Research Foundation, University of Western Australia and ZonMv- The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development)

Reviewer for NHS National Institute of Health Research / UK

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Leibgedachtnis und Koerper-Ich Psychologie Oesttereich.pdf



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Body oriented psychotherapy-state of the art-BMPD-2009.pdf

Therapeutic processes and outcomes of BPT in schizophrenia - open trial.pdf

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Dancing down memory lane - pilot study.pdf


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